Badminton is a sport which is played by masses with only experts who reach the desired level.
Singha Sports academy therefore finds hidden and raw talents to be the lime light of badminton by grooming them with every possible measure and exposure to bring out the best in them. Our Academy is housed in a state- of- art facility with outmost superior amenities. Having won numerous National and International awards in badminton , Singha sports academy possessed the expertise and technical level to create a world class Badminton training facility. Currently we are running with different kinds of programs catering the need and level of players in which we follow specific game plans so as to stretch their comfort zones every now and then. We provide superior quality courts with proper lighting facilities to make smooth play. We provide top-notch training and coaching to young players who are selected to the Academy on merit. Other facilities like First-aid, washroom & Change-room are also available at the venue in case of casualties. We provide Specific & intensive Warm up sessions including advanced level training like Smashing, Drifting, Dropping, Court covering, Flicks ,Parallel, backhand & Forehand foot movement etc. The courts are indoor and have proper lightening system with generator back-ups. They are all protected against eco-sounds and reverberations other add on and back up facilities like lockers for individual players have been provided.